Manual Dispensers

Industrial grade high quality manual dispensers. All products supplied include CE approval and 1 Year warranty.  High quality applicators for use in manufacturing, repair, craft, hobby, test and R & D. Guns are manual hand dispensers for the controlled application of epoxies, compounds, silicones, sealants, RTV's, greases, pastes, glues, gels and adhesives.
Guns are robust enough for regular use applications yet portable and are suited for production work, repair work or field work. A robust leverage reduces hand fatigue and is a significant improvement over manual hypodermic syringes, squeeze bottles or squeeze type tubes. A simple press of the trigger moves the piston or plunger forward for dispensing a controlled deposit of material each time. Repeat squeezing of the trigger will provide controlled beads.
Select from reusable manual syringe rods, syringe gun applicators, 2K dual epoxy gun applicators, larger cartridge applicators. Manual or pneumatic dispensers to improve control and reduce material waste.

We provide a wide range of adhesives, resins, repacked material, applicator devices and accessories. From the team at Adhesives Dispensing Ltd, Gluebond is focused on high performance and high quality chemicals.