Filled UV Cure Adhesive Syringes

Manually filling your dispensing syringes and barrels can be time consuming, messy and wasteful. Order your specified selected UV cure adhesives from us in a ready to use dispense component. Whether you are using a pneumatic dispenser, syringe gun or manual applicator. Filled barrels are air-free and supplied with MSDS/ TDS information. Long shelf life, freshly packed using specialist equipment. Labels include shelf life and batch codes. High quality adhesives for use in manufacturing, repair, craft, hobby and R & D. All UV adhesives are in black, light blocking syringes. 

Select air-powered barrels for use with pneumatic dispensers and manual syringe guns. Select manual unmarked or manual graduated syringes ready to use by hand without the need for a dispenser. All syringes and barrels are luer lock so accept any of our dispensing tips. Sample tips are included with each filled syringe or barrel shown.
Gluebond Ltd provide a wide range of adhesives, resins, repacked material, applicator devices and accessories. From the team at Adhesives Dispensing Ltd, Gluebond Ltd is focused on high performance and high quality chemicals.