Dispensing Products

Dispensing systems for the controlled application of liquids, adhesives, pastes, gels, epoxies, sealants, greases, lubricants, inks, paints and primers. Fluids are applied without mess, waste or inconsistency. Thick pastes are easy to dispense without strain or fatigue to hands. Non timed dispensers for beads, lines and potting of fluids. Pneumatic timed dispensers will reduce the amount of adhesive used by quickly applying a precise and repeatable deposit each time.

Reduce assembly time by eliminating error. Select from non timed manual applicators to digital timed and positive displacement air-free systems. All products supplied include CE approval and warranty.  High quality dispensers for use in manufacturing, repair, craft, hobby and R & D.

Gluebond provide a wide range of adhesives, resins, repacked material, applicator devices and accessories. From the team at Adhesive Dispensing Ltd, Gluebond is focused on high performance and high quality chemicals.

Manual Dispensers
Hand operated, manual dispensers and guns for applying fluids, liquids and pastes in controlled beads and accurate deposits. Simple devices that do not require electric power or compressed air and can be used for field or remote work as well as basic assembly applications. Dispense from standard syringe barrels, larger cartridges or versions for 2-component side by side cartridges. A wide range of sizes and types. Products to reduce material mess, waste and improve productivity. 
Battery Cordless Dispensers
Hand operated, rechargeable cordless battery dispensers for use with single tube cartridges and a range of versions for use with 2-component side by side epoxy type cartridges. These dispensers require no air pressure making them easy to use anywhere. High torque eliminates hand fatigue and designed to dispense higher viscosity materials, fast flow rates that can be adjusted where required. Supplied with accessories including battery, charger and user guide.
Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensers
Air-powered handheld dispenser guns for applying materials in direct  from cartridges. Simple devices that allow the operator more control over the deposits made, no hand strain and faster output. In sizes from 60cc to 960cc. The options are for versions featuring adjustable regulators, lightweight dispensers and guns that can be used with multiple sized cartridges. All products are CE approved  and can be run up to 100 PSI air pressure. Optional air hoses are available and we carry stocks of accessories.
2-Component Cartridge Guns
2-component dispensers for twin ratio 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 200ml, 400ml and 600ml dual cartridges. Industry standard 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 mix ratios. High performance to apply epoxies, resins, polyurethanes, silicones, potting compounds and doming resins. Easy to use for application over long periods. Manual guns for remote work or lower volume dispensing. Battery cordless rechargeable for remote work or higher volume dispensing. Pneumatic for higher volume assembly of all 2K materials.
Timed Shot Dispensers
Timed-shot benchtop dispensers work from compressed air and use a timer allow the operator to make repeat deposits without guesswork. A vacuum suck-back prevents watery liquids from dripping. Set the air pressure, set the timer and make consistent depsosits quickly to reduce material mess and waste. Use with our barrel sizes from 3cc to 500cc or with larger cartridges. Simple to use foot pedal control. CE approved system for dispensing liquids and pastes.
Pressure Pot Systems
Simple to use dispensing stations where the adhesive, liquid, lubricant or fluid is placed inside a pressurised tank. This is then fed under pressure along a flexible fluid line tube to a lever operated valve or a pneumatic timed-shot valve. Tanks range in sizes from 0.5 litre to 60 litre. All have adjustable regulators to set the correct flow rate and gauges for control. Versions available with pneumatic or electric agitation to prevent certain materials separating or solidifying.
Dispensing Components
We stock a vast range of industrial dispensing components used with manual, pneumatic and electric dispensers. Precision moulded syringe barrels, needle tips, nozzles, cartridges, static mixers, bottles, caps, fittings and tubing. For the safe handling of all one-component and two-component adhesives, fluids, pastes and resins. Industrial grade safe and silicone-free dispensing products. Supplied in sealed packs with labels and batch codes. Most products ship direct from stock.