Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

The Gluebond range of cyanoacrylate adhesives are one-component, solvent free instant adhesives designed to bond a wide range of materials. Gluebond cyanoacrylate adhesives offer extremely fast cure speeds on a wide variety of substrates. We offer a comprehensive range of grades including : -

- Standard Ethyl grades
- Modified Ethyl grades
- Alkoxy-Ethyl grades
- Low odour, low bloom grades
- Improved impact and shock resistant grades
- Rubber toughened grades

Our range of cyanoacrylates provide assemblies with excellent mechanical properties. To cover all applications, our range includes different viscosities, formulations and product specifications. The Gluebond range of Cyanoacrylate is the result of years of development work.

Cyanoacrylate applications are extremely diverse and are used in industry sectors such as medical devices, cosmetics, rubber, automotive and electronics. We offer a Super Fast range. These products are typically used on production line assembly where instant bonding is required. These grades can be twice as fast than traditional CA grades. 

All bottles supplied include MSDS and TDS paperwork. Labels include shelf life and batch codes. High quality adhesives for use in manufacturing, repair, craft, hobby and R & D.

Gluebond provide a wide range of adhesives, resins, repacked material, applicator devices and accessories. From the team at Adhesive Dispensing Ltd, Gluebond is focused on high performance and high quality chemicals.