Our range of UK adhesives bond a wide array of different substrates. The bases are blended and modified for us to attain the best possible performances from the products. Base monomers endure a rigorous quality approval system before they are accepted into the range. High performance bonding and sealing from Adhesive Dispensing. Please contact us if you require assistance with product selection. Industrial grade adhesives. Ship direct from stock. All bottles supplied include MSDS and TDS paperwork. Labels include shelf life and batch codes. High quality adhesives for use in manufacturing, repair, craft, hobby and R & D.
Gluebond provide a wide range of adhesives, resins, repacked material, applicator devices and accessories. From the team at Adhesive Dispensing Ltd, Gluebond is focused on high performance and high quality chemicals.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Cyanoacrylate adhesives are instant single part glues that are designed to bond materials such as rubbers, plastics, metals, card, paper and fabric. They require small deposits to be applied and the parts pressed together for a short time. Our own range of Gluebond adhesives are European manufactured for high quality. Select by type, viscosity and bottle size.
Threadlocker Adhesives
Our own range of industrial grade threadlockers. The Gluebond anaerobics are European manufactured to provide high quality and performance. These single part adhesives are used to bond metals, fix screws, seal metal components, retainers and pipes. Anaerobics cure in the absence of air and application is simple. Wide choice of grades and bottle sizes.
UV Cure Adhesives
The Gluebond range of UV cure adhesives are European manufactured for controlled quality and performance. Available in a variety of grades to suit glass bonding, plastic and metal bonding. Low, medium and high viscosity versions. These products cure will on demand by use of a simple UV torch, UV lamp or UV probe. Crystal clear grades with no yellowing or tack.
Epoxy Resins & Polyurethanes
We stock and supply a wide range of two-part epoxy resins, potting compounds and polyurethanes to suit many different applications and materials. From rapid cure resins for general repair, to polyurethane materials for car repairs, plastic repair, metal repair, caravan repair, boat repair, concrete repair, water resistant epoxy sticks. Package options for convenience.
Doming Resins
Doming resins and accessories for making badges, stickers, decals, insignia, jewellery, etc. Crystal clear PU adhesives supplied in ready to use 50ml dual cartridges with static mixer nozzles. Applied using manual, pneumatic or battery powered dual dispensing guns. UK made products, high quality, provided with data sheets and very easy to use.
Silicones RTVs Sealants
Single part silicones and RTVs are easy to apply and suitable for so many applications or repair, bonding and gasketing. Available in a wide range of colours, different viscosities and properties. Supplied in manufacturers standard 310ml caulk cartridges but we also offer a repack service where pre-filled syringe barrels can be ordered for use directly on dispensers.