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Making a Gluedot and Gluebead with Gluebond - Fluid Dispensing Products & Adhesives

About Us

Gluebond Ltd and Adhesive Dispensing Ltd are experienced technically-based businesses for the supply of high quality and high performance UK adhesives and custom filled syringes, cartridges and pens as well as equipment to apply them accurately.
Helping customers to solve assembly problems and liquid handling, advising on dispensing methods and equipment and making detailed product recommendations are all part of our days work. We work with manufacturers, assemblers, designers, formulators, resellers, distributors and repair companies.
We stock an extensive range of our own brand and major products, allowing us to recommend the best product solutions for adhesives, the tools and application equipment and the appropriate production methods.

Many adhesive manufacturers supply products in tins, bags, bottles or tubes. We can offer more suitable packaging such as syringe barrels, cartridges, dual cartridges, bottles and pens - filled with the same materials. Our repacking services eliminates the need for customers to transfer materials from tins, pails, bags or tubes into syringes, etc.
Please contact us if you would like a specific quotation or you cannot find what you a product from our website. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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